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- I had so much fun at the ReadOUT festival in Gulfport that I hope I'm invited to come back next year

- Book #16, Paradise Lost and Found, is with my editor and I'm 17,000 words into my next novel, In Love with the Moon. Click on the newsletter link above to see another sneak preview. (This time for the next novel I publish)

- Alexis Westmore is the March 2024 Astronaut Author of the Month. Note the new questions!

- Lexa Luthor is holding an auction with a ton of great authors donating items. I've got the Mystery of the Makers trilogy (autographed) up for grabs, shipped anywhere in the US. I've also got a hardcover copy of The Last Scion of Ra available, to ship anywhere without restrictions. The auction is only on Facebook. Click the image below.

lexa luthor sq
The Fletcher, book 1 of the Arrow of Artemis series
Elemental Attraction, a funny fantasy fake romance
The Sovereign of Psiere, book 1 of the Mystery of the Makers series
Waking the Dreamer, award winning dystopian sci-fi novel
Remember Me, Synthetica, romantic sci-fi for android and hard science lovers
The Last Scion of Ra, superhero friends to lovers romance

- Jill is the cutest!


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