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newsletter for July updates.
- Paradise Lost and Found is out now, all formats.

- My appearance GCLS 
schedule is updated.

- Audrey Wilson is the July 2024 Astronaut Author of the Month. Note the new questions!

- The conference is upon us! Don't forget there are still TWO conference giveaways coming. Watch my socials for the Book-A-Day posts. Click the sticker for details.

The Fletcher, book 1 of the Arrow of Artemis series
Elemental Attraction, a funny fantasy fake romance
The Sovereign of Psiere, book 1 of the Mystery of the Makers series
Waking the Dreamer, award winning dystopian sci-fi novel
Remember Me, Synthetica, romantic sci-fi for android and hard science lovers
The Last Scion of Ra, superhero friends to lovers romance

- Jill is the cutest!


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