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Shooting the Shit Podcast with KD Williamson

We've had a few good solo podcasts, but everything has really taken off with all our great guests. You can listen to the podcast, or check out the video of our sessions by following the links provided below. Here is a list of our esteemed STS guest, click their name to go to their Amazon pages.


Episode 1: Take a Ride on the Wild Side
Episode 2: Hold My Beer Not my Vagina
Episode 3: Authors who do. Authors who don’t and Authors who write Monster porn -
Guest(s): Rae D. Magdon & Virginia Black
Episode 4: Why so serious? Guest(s): Anne Shade
Episode 5: Cancel me baby! Cancel me hard! - Guest(s): Serena Bishop
Episode 6: The Queer Code - Guest(s): Lise MacTague
Episode 7: How Xena Made Us Queer and Other Stories - Guest(s): Lee Winter

You can see all the newest podcast episodes by going to Linktree. Or you can subscribe to the Shooting The Sh*t Podcast YouTube channel. Click the image below to see our YouTube Page.
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