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The Rebels of Psiere

(Mystery of the Makers: book 3)

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Words: 20,000

Final novel in the trilogy


Chosen of Artemis

(Mystery of the Makers: book 3)

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Words: 20,000

The rise of Queen Orianna of the Telequire Tribe.


Whispers in the Dark  

Genre: Paranormal

Words: 3,055

"Ghosts are real. Fear is real. But definitive proof is absent because reality is a construct of the human mind."

Original Fiction
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Romantic Returns

(Arrow of Artemis book 3.5)       

Genre: Historical Fantasy Erotica

Words: 4,003

This is a short story that takes place after The Sagittarius.

Promises kept earn the sweetest rewards.

The Scientere and the Captain's Case 

(Adventures of an Awkward Scientere: book1)

Genre: Sci-Fi Erotica

Words: 11,257

My challenge: "Write about something funny that happened to a humorous inventor who collects space trash."


What happens when a crazy inventor discovers a shiny metal case floating outside her space station? The Scientere Exremus is always looking for inspiration for her inventions so she hauls the item in. And it stands to reason that such a curious bit of space trash would have a homing beacon. The case itself is actually very valuable to Cpt. Dasho of The Galleum. That lost item will bring essential relief to the ship captain's pressing problem and she desperately wants it back. Their meeting poses an interesting question that only rigorous science can answer.

The Scientere and the Denobian Device

(Adventures of an Awkward Scientere: book2)

Genre: Sci-fi Erotica

Words: 12,068

Scientere Extremus Amedrelda Thotzmith has been traveling on The Galleum for three months, and the science has been excellent the entire time. Cpt. Jinda Dasho makes sure her Chief Science Officer is always well attended. After all, scientific conclusions were an important part of daily life aboard the star-drive ship. Their routine is shaken when the Galleum takes on its first titillarian passenger. Titillarians and scienteres were as different as night and day, and until one highly unusual trip on the Galleum no one ever would have guessed there could be an intersection of the two professions.

Fan Fiction
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Sci-Fi Erotica



Classic Science Fiction

Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Fandom: Supergirl CW

Series Word Count: 43,773

This is a collection of short one-shot fiction pieces about the first kiss between Kara Danvers/Supergirl and Lena Luthor. No story in the series is related to another, they are all one-shots.


Part 1 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 2,420

      Someone is thirsty, but who is it?


Part 2 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 5,136

      Kara is always sorry, always saying the words. But Lena doesn't put the clues together until she hears those same words come from Supergirl's lips.


Part 3 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 6,593

      How does a poor reporter manage to keep herself fed with the necessary amount of calories needed to save National City over and over? Lena Luthor makes it her mission to assuage that hunger.


Part 4 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 6,446

      Saving the word is hard, exhaustion is sometimes a certainty. And it's nice to have a someone safe when you fall asleep.


Part 5 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 7,090

      Lena's heart breaks when she realizes that that there is something going on between Kara Danvers and Supergirl. Because the truth is, she has fallen completely in love with her best friend.


Part 6 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 7,881

      When Supergirl is blinded saving Lena Luthor from a terrorist attack, they must trust and rely on each other to be safe again. But as they grow closer in the aftermath of the hero's injury, secrets are unveiled.


Part 7 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 8,207

      The President and Colonel Hayley are on a witch hunt for Supergirl's secret identity and in a last ditch effort to protect her sister, Alex makes yet another sacrifice. Supergirl shatters with lost hope and turns to Lena Luthor fix the broken pieces.


Part 8 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 2,146

      In a slightly different world, with a different first meeting, Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers learn that infatuation can strike at any time. And the spark of infatuation is all you need to realize the promise of more.


Part 9 of Supercorp First Kisses Collection

Word Count: 5,581

      Alex gives newly-out pan Kara bad dating advice when it comes to a mysterious woman at the bar. Kara’s terrible pickup lines give her away when she meets the same woman later in the evening as Supergirl.

My Love Tastes Like Chicken Soup

Fandom: Supergirl CW

Word Count: 1,360

Kara Danvers is a powerful witch on a short leash. The one person she wants, Lena Luthor, is untouchable, literally. Can Kara's love language of food erase the boundary between them? This is obviously an alternate universe fic.

Xena: Warrior Princess

Return of the Queen

Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess

Words: 66,708

There is a strength that lies in loss, and loss comes to all with enough time. Gabrielle struggles with Xena's death in the years following the events in Jappa. When she reaches the breaking point of her grief, a very good friend suggests reconnecting with the Amazons. What she learns about herself will shape the future, and become a tale to be told for generations to follow. (Post FIN)

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