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June 2024

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Name: Frankie Fyre
Publisher: Self-Published
Reason you started writing: To bring joy and add more lovable diverse characters by BIPOC authors into the sapphic reader world. I had an idea for a story and decided to write it. 
K. Aten notes: This is one of my favorite reasons and best goals!
Next book to release & when: TBD ;) K. Aten notes: Alright, keep your secrets then. (picture the Frodo 'keep your secrets' meme here, lol)
Why we should read it: It will be fueled with fun and Fyre! K. Aten notes: I see what you did there...
Genres that you've written: Spicy Sapphic Romance - contemporary, holiday. I also love writing short stories. K. Aten notes: I have short stories I'd like to write but I think I'm too wordy. Good on you. :)
Favorite character or pair you’ve written & why: Basil and Caroline from my latest release, The Honeymoon Mix-up. They both are persistent with fighting for what they think they want while being stuck together as fake wives on a sapphic getaway island. They have a million reasons not to be together while melting all over each other. Overall, as a heavy pantser, I fell in love with their love while writing the novel. K. Aten notes: Fake romance you say?? I'm listening...
List of published novels: 

  • The Honeymoon Mix-up

  • A Flight to Love

Name something you're proud of in regard to your writing: I’m proud of sticking to what’s authentic to me and not giving up on myself for writing what readers enjoy and what I love and wish to see more of as a reader. I’m proud of myself for re-centering after losing balance and battling discouragement and comparison. I’m grateful for the love and support from my readers and author friends which helped me learn to bet on myself as a Black author. I’m proud to be celebrating diverse queer joy through writing sapphic books!  K. Aten notes: You've probably already heard it, but I think you're amazing.💕
HERE to see all of Frankie's books on Amazon.US.

Bonus Thrusters

Cats or Dogs: The hedgehog from my book, The Honeymoon Mix-up! 🦔 K. Aten notes: I saw the pic you sent and I'm down with that. It's one of the happiest little creatures I've ever seen.
Name of pet(s) you’re bringing on the Rocket Ship: Quilliam. K. Aten notes: He won't eat much and he's adorable to boot.
Coffee/Tea/Water: I almost always have my water bottle tattooed with my favorite stickers handy. I go through phases with coffee, but it’s game on during pumpkin spice season. Otherwise, it’s earl grey tea with vanilla syrup for the win! 🌊☕ K. Aten notes: I'm down with the water, always have my own bottle that I take everywhere. I'm more of a chai girl than the English stuff.
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Bow. It’s stealthy and badass. I have yet to see a NOT badass sapphic carrying one. 🏹🎯 K. Aten notes: FACTS! A low-tech, range weapon with ammunition that's easy enough to accumulate is sometimes the best option. There is a reason I have an entire series about Ancient Greek Amazons. 🤣
Hobbies: I love jump roping, reading, astrology, welding, and gardening. I usually like trying out different activities and taking courses. To be honest, I collect hobbies like I do home improvement projects 😀 K. Aten notes: I understand you completely. The more stuff I read about/watch, the more I want to try.
Favorite trope/topics to read: I love a good fake relationship sapphic romance (add enemies to lovers vibes - *chef’s kiss*)! More of my favs include enemies to lovers, forbidden romance, opposites attract, forced proximity, and second chance. K. Aten notes: You and everyone else. Haha!
Favorite genres to read: Contemporary romance, erotica, rom-coms, non-fiction. K. Aten notes: That tracks based on what you write.
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: NA. K. Aten notes: *sigh*

Return To Orbit

Facebook: @frankiefyrewriter
Twitter: @frankiefyre
Instagram: @frankiefyrewriter
TikTok: NA

 The Honeymoon Mix-Up (Sapphire Isle Book 1)

     The perfect storm. A fake marriage weathered to last.

      When her fiancée leaves her at the altar, Basil Jones’s picture-perfect life turns upside down, but nothing can stop her from enjoying her honeymoon—not even the luxurious island resort’s strict “couples only” policy. Basil’s vacation and her six-figure wine deal with the resort's owners are riding on her finding a fake wife ASAP, and her sights are soon set on tall, dark, and gorgeous Caroline.
      If only she knew Caroline had eyes on her first…
      Caroline King never stays in one place—or in a woman’s bed—for too long. After risking her career in the past, the emotionally detached private investigator created two rules: always finish a job and never mix business with pleasure.
      But when she gets roped into a false marriage with her breathtakingly beautiful target, she finds herself teetering the line of not just one but both rules.
      Basil always gets what she wants—but Caroline’s professional reputation is on the line.
      As Basil and Caroline’s attraction blazes like the island sun, both women struggle to fight delicious temptation while protecting their secrets—as well as their hearts—on the most romantic honeymoon island in the world.

Each book in the Sapphire Isle series can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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