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March 2024

Alexis Westmore - AUTHOR ROCKET 2024 - WITH PET
Computer Records Alexis Westmore
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Name: Alexis Westmore
Publisher: TDH Publishing
Reason you started writing: Writing began as a creative outlet and grew into a daily joy. I realized the impact books had on me and the more I practiced the craft of writing the more I fell in love with it. 
K. Aten notes: So many hero authors have the same origin story. I'm glad you found your outlet.
Next book to release & when: Thank you Kelly for the spotlight this month. March 19th, the spring equinox, is the scheduled wide release date for The Hidden Relic Hunter, my debut science fiction book.  K. Aten notes: Yay for sci-fi!! 
Why we should read it: It is Sylvia’s discovery of her impact on the world, and I hope readers see their own journey of importance as they read. It features a multi-cast of characters, and I am eager to see who readers “ship” as the series progresses. One couple in the story already has their sapphic romance coming out in July 2024. 
K. Aten notes: We should all look forward to your big sapphic cast. Good luck on the release.
Genres that you've written: Science Fiction and Romance. K. Aten notes: Excellent genres, if I do say so myself. Me biased about sci-fi? Maybe. LOL
Favorite character or pair you’ve written & why: I like them all for variable reasons and I’m as eager as readers to see who pairs up (grin). The why of that is probably because I connect with each of them in a different way. 👭
List of published novels: 

  • The Hidden Relic Hunter: The Lost Portal Keys 

Name something you're proud of in regard to your writing: Doing it (laugh). Seriously, it is a creative outlet and requires some “sticktoitiveness” to turn those fun, creative endeavors into something published. K. Aten notes: The first step is sometimes the hardest. It involves sitting down and getting those words on the page. It can be a daunting and often thankless task. Congrats on your perseverance.
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Bonus Thrusters

Cats or Dogs: I’d be hard pressed to think of an animal I don’t appreciate. 🐈🐶 K. Aten notes: I can respect that.
Name of pet(s) you’re bringing on the Rocket Ship: Right now, I’d bring Willow. Several years ago, it would have been Breanna. K. Aten notes: I think Willow will make a fine companion.
Coffee/Tea/Water: All three. I like diversity. ☕☕🌊 K. Aten notes: I could definitely give the first cup a hard pass.
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: My zombie apocalypse shirt - it has so many holes and tears that I named it that (laugh). It has survived so much it must hold some secret power. 👕K. Aten notes: I feel like, power or no, with a holy shirt vs zombies... you're going to BE one of the zombies soon enough.
Hobbies: I like growing things…plants, ideas. 🌿🌳🍅 K. Aten notes: You usually can't go wrong with that hobby...unless you're growing a garden full of nightshade. ☠️
Favorite trope/topics to read: I like to learn when I read. It can be scientific learning, emotional learning – just about anything that feeds my curiosity.🔬🧪 📖 
K. Aten notes: I'm totes down with that. Science and learning are my jam when it comes to fiction.
Favorite genres to read: I read across genres so I would probably say my favorite is more about impact than genre. I like books that foster a positive change in me. K. Aten notes: I mean, I'm all about books that make me think, feel, or discuss so I get it.
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I have not read or written fan fic. However, I enjoy hearing the stories of authors who have. Some of them started out this way and have written incredible stories that grew out of that first bloom which I think is beautiful. K. Aten notes: I think more beloved stories started out as fanfic then most readers are aware of. Fanfic is how I became a sapphic. Yes, I wrote that correctly. Became a sapphic, not became a sapphic reader. It literally started with f/f fanfic. *shrugs*

Return To Orbit

Facebook: @alexis.westmore.5
Twitter: NA
TikTok: @alexis.westmore
The Hidden Relic Hunter: The Lost Portal Keys by Alexis Westmore

      For the woman who felt too invisible to make a difference, Sylvia Debair soon becomes the center focus when her truth catalyzes the Earth Alliance, the Tokoleh, and the Separatists to search two solar systems in a race to secure the portal key relics before Earth is destroyed.
      The Universal Bureau of Negotiations, headquartered at The Galactic Core Station (GCS), governs the energy portals that feed Earth's magnetic field. It is an unsustainable burden with the portal keys missing. Clues to their location exist, but Sylvia, the archeology student turned writer, who could help find them - like most of Earth's humanity - doesn't know the GCS even exists.
      Forced into a trip to the GCS to see the only doctor with equipment to evaluate the cause of her escalating migraines and synesthesia, Sylvia must face the truth that stole not only her college dreams but quite possibly the hope of Earth.


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Cover Middle Title 13.410 x 9.25 The Hidden Relic Hunter (1) Front page only
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