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September 2023

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Name: Elle E. Ire
DSP Publications
Reason you started writing: I didn’t like the endings to the books I was reading. I couldn’t find enough books that featured strong female protagonists, and the girl never got the girl. I started in fanfiction, pairing the characters I wanted to see paired, and then moved on to my own original work.
K. Aten notes: It's a perfect reason to start, one so many of us feel deep down.
Next book to release & when: I’m on submission with a new manuscript, but it hasn’t sold yet. My last release was Harsh Reality in 2022.
Why we should read it: Harsh Reality is a combination of ALL THE THINGS speculative. Zombies! Time travel! Ancient Greek creatures! And a really hot female sheriff from the Old West to pair with an equally hot saloon girl while they fight demonic evil. Throw in some reality t.v., and you get the gist of this nonstop action story. We pitched it as Night of the Living Dead meets Survivor meets Annie Get Your Gun. Yeah, it’s out there, but it’s really fun!  
K. Aten notes: Sounds chaotic but amazing.
Genres that you've written: Sapphic science fiction/romance and Sapphic paranormal/romance.
List of published fiction: 

  • Vicious Circle

  • Threadbare (Storm Fronts 1)

  • Patchwork (Storm Fronts 2)

  • Woven (Storm Fronts 3)

  • Dead Woman’s Pond (Nearly Departed 1)

  • Dead Woman’s Revenge (Nearly Departed 2) 

  • Dead Woman’s Secret (Nearly Departed 3) 

  • Reel to Real Love

  • Harsh Reality

Name something you're proud of in regard to your writing: My work has won a couple of Goldie awards. Dead Woman’s Pond won one in the Paranormal/Occult/Horror category. It also was named first runner-up for the Florida Writers Association Book of the Year, and Dead Woman’s Revenge won a Goldie for Audiobook Narrator. K. Aten notes: Absolutely something to be proud of! 🏆
HERE to see all of Elle's books on Amazon.US.

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Cats or Dogs: I love both, but I’m allergic to cats, so, dogs. 🐕 K. Aten notes: I get that. I take a daily pill to enjoy my kitties.
Name of pet(s) you’re bringing on the Rocket Ship: Kila. All my pets are named after characters in books I’ve written, but Kila is the only one who is named after a character in a book that actually got published. K. Aten notes: I wonder is there is a meaning behind the name Kila... perhaps she'll share later? 
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee (lots and lots of coffee) ☕☕☕☕ K. Aten notes: Blech. LOL
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Cali in Harsh Reality uses a Smith & Wesson revolver because it’s what she has at hand, but I’d probably pick something like a sword or baseball bat that wouldn’t run out of ammunition. ⚔️ K. Aten notes: I've often thought that was the best way to go. Lucky, I have plenty of both. 🗡️🗡️
Hobbies: Reading, karaoke, escape rooms, visiting haunted places, learning how to use different weapons 📚🎤🎶👁️‍🗨️🏚️ 
K. Aten notes: I can't think of anything wrong with those. They all sound fun to me!
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I did some fanfic a million years ago. Star Wars and believe it or not, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. K. Aten notes: I've only ever read Star Wars crossover fics where either Xena and Gabrielle are in the universe, or Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor are there. I've never read any TMNT fics. Interesting.

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Website: Elle E. Ire
Facebook: ElleE.IreAuthor
Twitter: ElleEIre
Instagram: NA

Harsh Reality by Elle E. Ire

      After demon elementals kill the good folks Sheriff Cali McCade has sworn to protect, the last place she expects to find herself is the future.
      Cali McCade is happy being the only female sheriff in the West until evil destroys her town of Oblivion and everyone in it. But when a magical creature sends her forward in time, Cali gets a chance for justice—and to stop history from repeating itself.
      Now, on the set of Harsh Reality, a television show that challenges average people to survive in historical settings, Cali isn’t just the sheriff of Oblivion—she also plays herself on TV. It isn’t easy to find her path in this new world, but at least she knows what her “character” would do… even if it’s a little strange to be navigating a blooming romance with the woman playing Arlene, her long-lost love.
      When the elementals show up to destroy Oblivion all over again, can Cali find a way to defeat the demons, keep her cover, and still ride off into the sunset?

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