August 2022

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Name: Renée Dahlia
Harper Collins AustraliaCarina Press, Saga Audio, and Indie
Reason you started writing: I’d been writing non-fiction for about a decade and I thought writing fiction would be a good challenge. 
K. Aten notes: It sure can be!
Next book to release & when: Strum Me Hard came out 20 July 2022
Why we should read it: It’s a fun novella with older characters. The first book in the series is Count Me In, which is permanently free. 
Genres that you've written: Contemporary and Historical Romance.
List of published books:

(Listing only the Sapphic romance for my readers, you can see all her books by following the Amazon link below)

  • Show Up: A Lesbian Romance Novel (Seraph's Burlesque Club Book 1)

  • Show Off: A Lesbian Romance Novel (Seraph's Burlesque Club Book 2)

  • Show Queen: A Lesbian Romance Novel (Seraph's Burlesque Club Book 3)

  • Her Lady's Melody: A Lesbian Historical Romance (Great War Book 1)

  • Her Lady's Fortune: A Lesbian Historical Romance (Great War Book 2)

  • Her Lady's Honor: An Historical Lesbian Romance

  • Count Me In: A Sapphic Romance Novella (Bisexual Sing Team Book 1)

  • Strum Me Hard: A Sapphic Romance Novella (Bisexual Sing Team Book 2)

  • Her Pregnant Rival: A Lesbian Romance Novella (Kapow Book 4)

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I write great banter. I probably should mention that my novella HIS LORD’S SOLDIER is a finalist in this year’s Romance Writers of Australia RuBY Awards.  K. Aten notes: This is awesome, big congrats!

Click HERE to see all of Renee's books on Amazon.US.

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Cats or Dogs: Horses! 🐴 K. Aten notes: I say nay! Kidding, horses are just fine and I totally don't hold a grudge since the time I had to jump off one when I was a kid...
Name of pet(s) you’re bringing on the Rocket Ship: I don’t have a pet currently, but my son wants a goat…🐐 K. Aten notes: He's in good company, my wife wants a goat too...and an otter. LOL
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee ☕
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: A boat so I can go far away.🛥️  
K. Aten notes: I'll admit, that's a strategy I haven't heard yet. 
Hobbies: Reading, watching sport (especially cricket, horse racing, and F1), scrapbooking. One day I hope to be able to afford to have travel as a hobby; doesn’t dreaming about travel count? K. Aten notes: Dreaming counts for a lot!
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: NA 

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Facebook: @reneedahliawriter
Twitter: @dekabat
Instagram: @reneedahlia_author
Strum Me Hard: A Sapphic Romance Novella (Bisexual Sing Team Book 2) by Renée Dahlia

      A down on her luck popstar meets a polite socialite entrepreneur with a scandalous secret life
      Job musician and ex-lead guitarist for 90s band BeST, Vivian Koranne had been living her best life when the pandemic stopped all live music. The offer to create music for a lingerie brand is a lifeline, and she jumps at it, and gorgeous Nancy who runs the company.
      Nancy Bozeman’s trust fund would keep most people happy, but she wants more. When she hires compelling musician Vivian Koranne, she knows she’s going to shock her friends all over again, just like when she became an "aunt" or started a plus-sized lingerie company. She doesn’t expect to be shocked herself by their mutual attraction.
      Despite being worlds apart, they're both hiding their true selves under what people expect, and as they work together, their chemistry is undeniable. But how can two very different women find love together?

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