May 2022

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Name: C.L. Cattano
Vagary Publishing
Reason you started writing: I started writing to write the stories I want to read and add my voice to the lesfic genre.  K. Aten notes: The more voices the better!
Next book to release & when: At the moment I have a lot of ‘work in progress’ but not a set release date for any of the projects. I like to mull them over a lot before sending to an editor, so I take longer to send work out into the world.
Why we should read it: I’ll just answer this as an overall question. Read my books if you like angst, comedy, drama, romance, and characters you’re not sure if you like or not – until you do.
Genres that you've written: I’ve published romantic suspense, paranormal, online romance with a criminal element, and two short stories.
List of published books:

  • Salvaggio’s Light Series (10 book Romantic Suspense Serial)

  • Cursed Hearts (Paranormal)

  • Stealing A Thief’s Heart (Online Romance with criminal element)

  • Secret Sappho Society (Strange little tongue-in-cheek Short Story)

  • Lady Kisses (Romance Short Story- International setting)

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I’m proud of writing stories that challenge genre formulas, as well as, developing characters and situations from a different angle than most. K. Aten notes: Writing stories that break out of the box is the best way to introduce readers to something that will stay with them.

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Cats or Dogs: I’ve had both and they offer such different energy to life that I have no choice than to choose both. However, at the moment, I have a dog. 🐈🐕 K. Aten notes: Both bring excellent things and different types of unconditional love.
Name of pet(s) you’re bringing on the Rocket Ship: Bella
Coffee/Tea/Water: Yes. ☕☕🌊
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Cross bow with explosive bolts for distance, a shaolin spade for teaming up in close-quarter combat, and a Fubar for a melee. I’d also probably carry a hand gun if I could find the ammo. Of course in an emergency, I’d pick up anything available!
K. Aten notes: Uh...this sounds scarily well though out but I want CL on my team!
Hobbies: Photography, painting, and woodworking.
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I used to, but not so much anymore. My favorite ship now would be Lucy Diamond (D.E.B.S) and Josephine Chesterfield (The Hustle). A passionate affair between two campy criminals on a crime spree to prove who is the superior villain, and who loves who most. Riches are the aim. Love is the game.
K. Aten notes: Oh D.E.B.S... I remember you fondly. 🥰

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Facebook: @CLCATTANO
Twitter: @CL_Cattano
Instagram: @clcattano
Lady Kisses (A Short Story) by C.L. Cattano

      Love is a trip!♥
      Long distance romance is tricky, but love is worth the risk. At least that was what Cherie thought when she boarded the plane to Milan, Italy.
      A good deed, a fistfight, and cookies... all in one sweet romance short story!

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