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April 2023

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Name: Luc Dreamer
Publisher: Self-published
Reason you started writing: The reason I started writing was to get down all the thoughts in my head.
K. Aten notes: I feel like so many of us start that way.
Next book to release & when: Just released a book March 14th! It’s called Heart’s Home and is the final book in my Heart Series.
Why we should read it: If you love epic endings that put you through the gamut of emotions, you’ll want to read this one!
K. Aten notes: Some folks just LOVE their angsty romance. ❤️‍🩹
Genres that you've written: Mostly romance, but I’ve dabbled in procedurals!
List of published books: 

  • Heart of Gold (Heart series 1)

  • Heart Sings (Heart series 2)

  • Heart's Home (Heart series 3)

  • In the Black

  • Burden of Happiness

  • The One to Walk Away (The One series 1)

  • Crush: A Sweet, Full-bodied Queer Romance

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: That I manage to complete books and self-publish them and people read them!  K. Aten notes: This is an amazing accomplishment! 👏
Click HERE to see all of Luc's books on Amazon.US.

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Cats or Dogs: Dogs 🐕  K. Aten notes: I like both but really can't argue with anyone's good boys and girls.
Name of pet(s) you’re bringing on the Rocket Ship: Sheila and Jeffrey.
Coffee/Tea/Water: Water.🌊 
K. Aten notes: Samesies!
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Flame thrower. 🔥 K. Aten notes: Crispy!
Hobbies: Building stuff, mountain biking.  K. Aten notes: Hopefully not using a flamethrower... 😂🤣
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I haven’t in a long time, but I loved me some Xena! K. Aten notes: It was an excellent ship to start all ships. ⚔️🖋️

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Facebook: NA
Instagram: ldreamerwriter
Heart's Home: Book 3 of the Heart Series by L. Dreamer

      In the final installment of the Heart Series, join Thomas, Rachel, TJ, Charlotte, and all of your favorite side characters as they continue to navigate the highs and lows of the lives they’ve created. Follow their adventures through the years, from the Great War to the Great Depression and beyond as the family charts their own paths while learning the true meaning of love, loss, hard work, and family.

      This collection of short stories and novellas picks up a couple of years after Heart Sings and finishes off the Heart Series with new challenges, triumphs, heartbreaks, and joy.

Content Warning: Main Character Death

Heart's Home.jpg
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