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Historical Fantasy: The Arrow of Artemis Trilogy

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2019 GCLS Goldie Finalist

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"I must declare that The Arrow of Artemis series is dear to my heart and I will never forget these amazing and phenomenal Amazon women

Sci-Fi Steampunk: The Mystery of the Makers Trilogy

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"The mystery and action are truly exhilarating, and the romance is scorching. This book will simultaneously stimulate your mind, body and soul. Definitely a must read."

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2021 GCLS Goldie Finalist

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Science Fiction Novels

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20121 GCLS Goldie Winner
2018-2019 Rainbow Award

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Lesfic Bard Award Winner Sticker

"What a thrill ride! This was a great action-packed romance that was exactly the kind of book that I love to read."
Waking the Dreamer

2020 Lesfic Bard Awards Winner

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All of that is to say, if you pick up Synthetica, keep an open mind, and read it through to the end! Everything will make sense in time, and honestly, this book had the best ‘pay off’ of any novel I’ve read in a very long time. If you enjoy romance novels that are plot driven and thought provoking, Remember Me, Synthetica might be the book for you!
Remember Me, Synthetica

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"An omniscient narrator gives an old-school comics feel to the story."
Rainbow Literary Society
Children of the Stars

Romantic Drama

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Fantasy: A Myth World Novel


"The friendship and comradery between the 3 main characters, of Ellys, her steed Rocc, and Aderri is truly touching and beautiful. Ellys is jovial in her own right, and Aderri is a beautiful flirt. Rocc is wise and self important lol. It's just a joy to read, and I find myself not wanting to leave this world."
AnnMaree of Oz

A funny, fantasy, fauxmance!

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2020 GCLS Goldie Finalist
2019 Lesfic Bard Awards Winner

"Emotional rollercoaster is the perfect metaphor. But again: with Aten there are no tropes about a big drama-breaking point for both characters. The romance is safe and as reader I just want to cuddle both women, take away the pain and give them a bright and carefree future. I love this."
3DKing - Goodreads
Burn It Down

Lesfic Bard Award Winner Sticker
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2022 GCLS Goldie Finalist

Paranormal: Blood Resonance

Rom Com

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"I really enjoyed the first book in the series, ‘Running From Forever’, but this is even better. I highly recommend it."
Kitty Kat's Book Review Blog

"Romantic comedies are my favorite ‘go to books’ and this story definitely hits the spot! I really got a kick out of the unusual situation that caused Jamie and Kelsey to meet up....I just love a story with resilient women, humorous mishaps on the job and pets with attitude!"
Rules of the Road

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Short Stories

3D The Scientere and the Captain's Case.
3D The Scientere and the Denobian Device
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