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January 21, 2017: Making History

13 hours on a bus from Michigan to Washington D.C., on a bus that continued to overheat and shut down all the way there and back. We were there marching in the streets even before the march began. We were there among a sea of pink hats, anger, sadness, hope, and statement. We were there when we kept getting turned away from every route into the rally because the streets were so full that no one could move. We were there, walking with half a million other women, men, and children. It didn't matter what color you were, what religion, what ethnicity, what political leaning, where

you were from, what economic bracket you

were in or what age you were...we were there.

We protested the lies that have been perpetrated on us, culminating into this point in history. And we protested the lies that continue to spew forth from the newest mouthpiece for the worst parts of society.

You can complain about us, you can deny our strength in numbers and the power of our voices, but we were there. You can claim that you are the best and most popular but we all know the truth. You lost and in the end, we all lost with you. January 21st, 2017 was a moment in history that generations of women will talk about, that history books will record, and that the entire world participated in across every single continent. And when I sit at the end of my life, when my hands can no longer write the words, and my heart is too heavy with loss and age, I can say to myself "I was there".

What will you remember?

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